Latest News

(2011-03-09) Interface fallback service levels are now available for a do-this-if-no-chain-matches approach
(2011-03-07) "Host Profiles" have been introduced to allow managing multiple shaper instances with one MasterShaper interface.
(2011-03-04) Chain and pipe position can now easily be managed via drag and drop.
(2010-10-10) Overriding a pipe's service level when assigned to a chain is now possible.
(2010-09-25) Support for matching on DSCP field has been included.


MasterShaper - Network traffic under control

MasterShaper is a network traffic shaper which provides a Web Interface for Quality of Service (QoS) functions of newer Linux 2.4- & 2.6-Kernel-Series.
It targets to let users learn and use the traffic shaping mechanism. This should be possible for everyone who has no deeper knowledge of Linux and the difficult syntax of the tc commands from the iproute2 package.

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